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Is 7-Eleven's Free Slurpee Day Good for Business?

7/11/11 at 2:30 PM

Last year, 7-Eleven reported a 38 percent increase in Slurpee sales on Free Slurpee Day, but some franchisees don't see the sales jump. Continue Reading

We Do Lines
We Do Lines

We Do Lines: No, It's Not What You Think

4/18/11 at 6:30 PM

We Do Lines literally paints lines in parking lots. How three guys took a clever name and a simple concept and built a successful company with franchises up and down the East Coast. Continue Reading

Marine Veteran Wins Sears Store in National Contest

3/11/11 at 6:00 PM

Edward Schrank, winner of the Sears "Operation Stores and Stripes" contest for military veterans, opens his new location this weekend. Continue Reading

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Getty Images

Digital Photo Academy's Richard Rabinowitz: Helping America Take Better Snapshots

2/27/11 at 9:00 PM

Richard Rabinowitz helps thousands of students across the country learn the ins and outs of digital photography -- all from the comfort of his New York apartment. Continue Reading

Steve Strauss
Steve Strauss

Where to Find Free Help for Your Business

2/24/11 at 9:00 AM

From SCORE to the Small Business Administration, there are plenty of organizations that provide tools and resources at little or no cost to help your business grow. Continue Reading

Psycho Donuts
Psycho Donuts

Made in the USA: Doughnuts with an Edge

2/22/11 at 3:00 PM

From organic offerings to creme brulee crullers, independent doughnut shops are reinventing the breakfast favorite and giving the likes of Dunkin' Donuts a run for their money. Continue Reading

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Getty Images

Survey Says: Happy Days are Here Again... Maybe

2/22/11 at 11:30 AM

New research reveals some promising news for restaurant franchises and the overall health of the small-business economy. Continue Reading


Ask Rod, Episode 13: Should I Find a Partner?

8/23/10 at 11:00 PM

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz helps a seasonal business diversify and advises a disgruntled employee. Plus, Barry impostors! Continue Reading

Tim Hortons Franchise Spotlight

8/04/10 at 1:29 AM

Coffee and doughnut franchise Tim Hortons has dominated the Canadian market and now the company has its sites set on Dunkin' Donuts and the rest of the U.S. Read more about Tim Hortons franchises. Continue Reading

Bonus Building Care

8/03/10 at 1:15 PM

If you're in the market for your own commercial cleaning service, Bonus Building Care may be for you. This low cost, home-based janitorial company is one of the fastest growing franchises in the country. Continue Reading

What Is a Franchise Fee?

8/03/10 at 10:35 AM

If you're investigating franchises, you'll definitely be reading about franchise fees. Find out what they are and why you'll need to pay them. Continue Reading

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

No Soup For You! Or Is There?

7/21/10 at 12:15 PM

Al Yeganeh, who inspired the "Soup Nazi" character on Seinfeld, has reopened his original soup stand in New York. Continue Reading


27 Million and Counting: Nick Friedman, College Hunks Hauling Junk

7/20/10 at 5:15 PM

Meet Nick Friedman, the president of College Hunks Hauling Junk, a Tampa, Fla.-based junk removal company. Continue Reading

Curves Falls Flat, Closes More Fitness Clubs

7/19/10 at 1:45 PM

The popular women's health-club company closed 1,000 franchise locations in 2009. Continue Reading


Smartphone App Brings Innovation to Takeout

6/04/10 at 6:00 PM

Want to order dinner with a few thumb clicks? Snapfinger makes it easy for hungry people on the go to order takeout straight from their phones and it may be coming to a franchise near you. Continue Reading


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  • August 8 2011
    "Today's businesses need to recognize that customer loyalty goes a long way. Re-evaluate your approach to customer service. If you are...
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  • August 5 2011
    "People love seeing who is behind the company and they love hearing what you have to say -- not necessarily selling but giving tips on what...
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  • August 4 2011
    "Small businesses leaders should always devote time and effort to involving themselves in their local communities. Whether you're in a large...
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  • August 3 2011
    "You need to recognize talent and reward your key executives within your company. One of the key strategies to maintaining top talent is to...
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