Company Looks to Cash in with Anthony Weiner Doll, a Connecticut toy maker, says it expects to sell thousands of miniature Weiners by week's end.

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Dolled up: A Connecticut toy maker is now marketing an Anthony Weiner doll.Well, it's come to this. As the Weinergate saga continues, a Connecticut toy maker is now marketing an Anthony Weiner action figure -- and interest in it has been high enough to crash the company's website. is selling two versions of the doll -- the standard, available for $39.95, is clad in skivvies with a large blue sticker reading "Tweet This," while the adults-only version (use your imagination) costs $49.95. A toy BlackBerry accessory is available for an additional $18. put the dolls on sale Sunday, the same day the beleaguered New York congressman announced he was seeking professional treatment for a "sexting" scandal that has gripped the political world and provided seemingly limitless fodder for late-night comedians. The Oxford, Conn.-based toy company has made its mark producing action figures based on public figures in the news: It began with a George W. Bush doll in 2002, which it has followed with plastic parodies of Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney and Jimmy McMillian, a former New York mayoral and gubernatorial candidate and founder of "The Rent Is 2 Damn High Party."

"It went from idea, to molding, to production, to getting the word out" in 50 hours, company president Emil Vicale told CBS New York.

Dolls can be purchased online, and expect to be shipped on June 20. Vicale revealed that "99 percent of all the orders are for the more expensive version" -- the adult version -- and predicted that sales would reach a few thousand by the end of the week.

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