Most Small Businesses Displeased with Federal Economic Policies

More than 75 percent of survey respondents say they are "not very satisfied" or "not at all satisfied" with current federal economic policies.

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More than three-quarters of small businesses are not satisfied with federal policies.Now that tax season is over, researchers can more accurately evaluate how small businesses benefited from new tax credits. Turns out, not very well. A recent survey released by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) looked at a variety of economic issues pertaining to entrepreneurs, including their satisfaction with federal economic policies, their financial outlook and the new health care law.

The report surveyed 304 small-business owners and found that only 7 percent used the new small-business health care tax credit offered by the Affordable Care Act. Among the respondents who didn't use the credit, 20 percent said it was because they weren't aware of it, while another 27 percent said they were aware but their business wasn't eligible. An additional 21 percent believed the credit was too small and didn't offer any real benefit. When asked their opinion about the financial benefits of the Affordable Care Act, 69 percent of small-business owners said they don't believe the new law will make health insurance more affordable.

Overall, the survey revealed widespread displeasure with federal policies. Just over half the respondents -- 51 percent -- said they are "not at all satisfied" with the current federal economic policies, while an additional 25 percent replied they are "not very satisfied."

Raymond J. Keating, the chief economist for the SBE Council, said these findings should come as no surprise. "For the most part, entrepreneurs want federal policymakers to impose a light tax and regulatory touch, keep spending under control, maintain low inflation, and otherwise get out of the way so entrepreneurship and investment can thrive," Keating said in a statement. "Until federal policymaking moves in a clear pro-entrepreneur, pro-growth direction, most small-business owners face great uncertainty."

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