The iPad 2, iPhone 5, Verizon and More: What to Expect from Apple in 2011

Will the iPhone finally come to Verizon? When can we expect the new iPad? A look at Apple's big plans for the year to come.

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Up next: Apple plans to roll out a new iPhone, iPad and more in 2011.It's fair to say 2010 was an eventful year for Apple. The company's successes could be measured in millions. Millions of iPhone 4s sold. Millions of iPads sold. Even sales of the latest version of Apple TV crested the 1 million mark before year's end. What can the company possibly do to top all that for 2011? Here's what you can expect.

iPhone Arrives on Verizon

Break out the celestial choirs -- the iPhone is coming to Verizon. Despite the denials, this looks, smells and acts like a done deal. All we need now is the official announcement and a hearty round of "I told you so." As far as anyone can tell, we're looking at sometime in early 2011 for the actual roll out. (Check out our previous coverage on the Verizon iPhone rumors).

iPad 2

With the roaring success of the first round of iPads still echoing in its ears, Apple will take the wraps off the next generation of its popular tablet. Other tablet makers running Windows and Android operating systems are emerging as real competitors in the space -- and that means Apple will want to up the ante in response. We can guess that some of the basic oversights of the original iPad will be addressed. That means a built-in camera and more power. Rumors are still floating around about an iPad with a smaller screen, which could help ease the price tag issues that keep some people away from the Apple tablet. We'll see.

iPhone 5

Apple has racked up impressive iPhone 4 sales despite widespread grumblings about AT&T, conspiracy theories surrounding the placement of the antenna and breathless warnings that the glass screen can shatter at the slightest drop. Put your ear to the ground, however, and you won't hear many complaints. Still, such notable flaws give Apple some room for improvement with the inevitable unveiling of the iPhone 5. With Android smartphones offering a real challenge, Apple will be tasked with coming up with a compelling upgrade to the iPhone 4. We can't say what the company might have up its sleeve, but rest assured we will find out sometime in 2011.

Rumor Round-Up

Does Apple have even bigger plans for 2011? Here are a few other things analysts are buzzing about.

CCS Insight: Analyst Ben Wood at CCS Insight predicts that Apple will snag big name GPS company TomTom sometime in 2011. That would give the company a shiny new toy that could decrease its dependency on Google Maps. Apple and Google have never been chummy bedfellows, so this isn't the most far-fetched Apple rumor around.

Saxo Bank: This online Danish investment bank's annual list of "outrageous predictions" features a juicy Apple mention: Apple will buy Facebook. The bank notes that Apple had attempted to chat up Facebook about partnership opportunities, but was rebuffed. It takes a big imaginative leap to get from there to a Facebook acquisition, but it's an interesting thought.

Network World: Brad Reed has a slightly different take on the concept of the iPhone coming to Verizon. He sees a chance that Apple will announce the Verizon version for a 2012 delivery date. That would place the launch after the current AT&T exclusivity deal expires.

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