SAFECELLapp Pays You to Drive Safely, Without Texting

A new iPhone and Android app offers cash-equivalent awards at Amazon, Apple and other retailers for driving without texting.

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There's an app for that: SAFECELLapp pays drivers not to text.A mishmash of studies and statistics in recent years have pointed out that distracted driving is a really bad idea. It can also result in hefty fines in places where it's against the law. It's not just teenagers who can't put down their cell phones -- business travelers also have the constant temptation to tap out a quick message to a colleague or answer the phone when a major client calls. As a result, there are now several apps designed to lock down phones during driving. (See Driving Under the Influence of Texting for a few of the options.) Some of them are fairly costly. Some are complicated. The new SAFECELLapp takes an age old approach to behavior modification: Rewards.

SAFECELLapp rewards safe driving not just with a pat on the back or a "good job." Users can actually accumulate cash-equivalent rewards to the tune of $5 per 500 safe driving miles with a $250 yearly cap. The awards can be spent at any one of 300 participating vendors, including Amazon, Apple, Marriott and Cabela's. SAFECELLapp manages this by tapping into your phone's GPS capabilities. The company maintains a database of cell-phone use laws and sends them to your phone so you know which laws apply where you are driving. SAFECELLapp can send off an auto-reply to people who call or text you to let them know you aren't ignoring them -- you're just busy driving at the moment.

SAFECELLapp locks out your phone functions when tracking is on. You can tap a button to place an emergency call or pause or stop the app with a quick finger click. Besides accruing positive points toward rewards, users who violate cell-phone laws along the way get hit with negative points. SAFECELLapp giveth and SAFECELLapp taketh away. Keep in mind that hands-free headsets don't sit well. The app views it as taking a call, even if you have both hands on the wheel.

Business Bent

This app may sound like it would be appealing to teens and families, but it could work just as well in a business environment where you have employees who rack up a lot of road miles every year. While rewards may be the main incentive, SAFECELLapp isn't shy about dishing out a little shame too. The app keeps a log of the user's driving. It notes when the driver doesn't obey traffic laws and instead succumbs to the temptation to text, call or e-mail behind the wheel. Business owners can check out these logs and keep track of which employees are on board with company policies and which are not.

Buy It

SAFECELLapp is a recently launched app available for the iPhone and Android. A BlackBerry version is on the way. You have until Dec. 28 to buy at the $11.99 price and get free lifetime upgrades for the software. After that, the $11.99 is an annual subscription fee.

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